"The true wisdom of life consists in seeing the extraordinary in the common."

It's not hard to find wonders in the ordinary. And yet, we often fail to see them. We compare our lives to others and believe all kinds of lies. But here comes the truth: you are loved and your life is precious.

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Family Documentary

A documentary of your family should depict your family life in the most natural way. I will document a short sequence of your life, if you let me witness a day or a couple of hours of one ordinary day. It's all about letting real life unfold.

You decide how you would like to spend the day.

Just think about what defines you as a family, what stage you are at in life and how your everyday looks like. What is important to you? What is it that you would like to have pictures of as a family - some special occasion or your everyday life?

If you like it rather calm and cozy, you might decide for cooking or baking together, reading or crafting, a visit to the grandparents or a walk. If you are an active family, you might think of doing some activity together or going on a trip. If you like cuddles, cuddle. If you like to spend time outside, let's get some fresh air.

There aren't any borders. Just dare to be yourselves.

Frequently asked questions
When is the right time for the shoot?

Basically, there is no wrong time for a family documentary. Whether you’re expecting a baby or whether you already hold it in your arms; whether you are at the end of a phase or at the beginning of a new one; every time is right. Because your family is your family, no matter the circumstances or constellation.

It’s definitely not about tidied homes, clean windows or your ideal body weight. There is nothing more beautiful than to have pictures that depict your family the way it is and that will remind you how it has been even years form now.

Will you do a classical family portrait?

If you wish, I will shoot some classical (or lifestyle) portraits at the end of the shoot, trying to keep them as natural as possible.

Will you give directions?

I will stay in the background trying to not disturb and attract attention as well as to not lose connection. Other than for the classical portrait I won’t give any directions, since I want to let things unfold and capture what I see. My responsibility is to have an eye for the moment, the light and the composition. Most importantly, I hope that my pictures will convey real feelings, such as of childhood, family and love. That’s what makes a simple picture meaningful.

Mutual trust is important to me. Respect of your family’s dignity is one of my core values. Your privacy will be minded.

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Wedding Documentary

I truly believe photographs are meaningful. It's what will remain from your big day. A wedding is more than a ceremony, good food and couple pictures. Precious moments are spread throughout the day. A documentary reveals those moments of happiness, excitement, tension, laughter, tears and above all love. It tells the story of your day and will help you remember your love throughout the years. It will help you remember the intensity of your feelings, the love of all people present, the honesty of your vows and the beauty of the flowers and all little details that make the wedding day such an unique day. Once, it will allow your children and grandchildren to get an idea of your love story.

Frequently asked questions
How long will you stay at our wedding?

Usually I stay at weddings for at least 10 hours. Actually most of the times it’s around 14 hours. More days can also be booked.

How many pictures will we get?

You’ll get the best pictures of your wedding day. Depending on how long I am at the wedding, you’ll get around 500 to 1000 photographs.

What style will you edit the pictures? 

I want to keep the pictures looking natural. They will be edited in the same style as the pictures you can find here. I like timeless warm tones. Since I love black and white pictures, some will be edited in black and white, depending on what fits the picture best. I don’t do any retouches, since I want to stay true to my documentary approach.

How much time does it take until we get the pictures? 

I strive to send you the pictures within four weeks after the wedding. You will get access to an online gallery where you can download all the pictures and that you can send to your guests as well.

Can we order photo prints or albums? 

Yes! I love to see the pictures printed. The partners I work with are mindful to use high quality paper that is environmentally friendly and each album is hand crafted. For more information, please write me an email. You can decide after the wedding, if you want to order an album.

Where do you live? Can we book you for weddings abroad? 

I live in Aschaffenburg, Germany (which is next to Frankfurt). I am keen to travel. At the same time I try to reduce my carbon footprint. I am aware that this is a contradiction in itself. Don’t hesitate to ask me though, if you plan a wedding abroad.

From July/August until October we will be in Austria and after that we will go into the wide world. I’ll take my camera with me obviously.

Do you have a second shooter?

A second shooter can be booked additionally. I always recommend it 🙂

Can we meet to get to know each other? 

I love to get to know my couples. We can meet if you live near Aschaffenburg or Graz, and if not – we can always skype.

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Couple Sessions

Since I love to document love visible in people's lives, I would also love to document your life as a couple and/or friends. You don't need to wait for any big occasion, your everyday life and friendship is priceless just as it is right now. Everything mentioned above is valid for a simple couple or friendship session as well. I can document your love and friendship wherever you feel most comfortable, doing something you love to do. Whether you decide to go for a walk or on a hike, relax at home or meet in a cafe, visit a museum or go to a concert, enjoy the silence of a liberary or be active and do sports, it will be a joy to capture you just as you are.