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October 10, 2018
Who I am

I love God and I love people.

In every area of my life, this is the fuel that keeps me going. I wish that everything I do will be traced to my love for God and people.

what makes my heart make a happy dance

snuggles – especially when my husband comes up with the idea | hearing people’s laughter | flowers | feeling God’s presence | quality time with dear people | sunsets | good books | witnessing miracles | music | children’s curiosity | silence | handwritten letters | the summers’ wind’s warm breeze | anything with chocolate | cozy evenings | beautiful details | discussions in which you lose the feeling of time | good schools | blooming trees in spring | tea and candles not only in winter but best after it gets dark outside | breathing in fresh air | the feeling of belonging | colorful leaves in autumn | the mountains the sea the woods | the sound of rain | good food – best case Indian and Thai food | coming home | snow everywhere in winter | witnessing God’s love change people and situations | having guests | old stuff | long summer nights | knowing I’m loved | knowing that my real home is in heaven.

what troubles my soul

hatred | war | racism | that I hurt those whom I love the most the hardest | how used I got to prosperity | persecution | our dependancy on oil |  how impossible it is to really live sustainably | injustice | what alcohol can do to people | when one’s own worth is defined by performance | (my own) ignorance | our school system that leaves little room for creativity, individuality and growth | how we treat our planet | violence | (my own) egocentrism | negativity | being forced to give grades even though I don’t believe in them | when people get the feeling that they are not enough | forced prostitution | dishonesty | broken relationships.

I am aware of all the saddening things happening in this world. I let myself feel pain. Yet at the same time, I daily choose to celebrate life and love. At home, at work in school with the kids, when spending time with you.

I wouldn’t be doing any of this without this amazing man. I wouldn’t even be who I am today, if it wasn’t for him. Matthias is the man behind the scences, my greatest supporter and honest encourager.

I am not only blessed with the greatest husband, but also with the most loving family. You might see tons of pictures of my dear crowd, but I can’t help it – aren’t they beautiful? My parents are my role models. The ones who have taught me what unconditional love is. My ingenius brothers are the heads behind the website – it wouldn’t be online today, if they had not managed it all. Alex is such a talented photographer herself (go check her page) and one of my steady supporters. I love my people.

“I won’t forget all the good God has for me.” (Psalm 103:2)


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