October 5, 2018

I believe it is grace that we are allowed to experience beauty. Like when the warmth of sun beams kisses your face. How there is not one single snow flake that looks just like another one.  How it is in the darkest night that you can see the stars on the sky most clearly. How after each night a new morning announces itself with the most beautiful colors. How the wideness of the sky, the depth of the sea and the height of the mountains show you how small you are. And how one look of a beloved person is enough to assure you of your immense value.

All that is beautiful, I believe, hints to God’s majesty, greatness, glory, love and yes, grace. There is no greater evidence of love and grace than God himself choosing the cross. And additionally, we are given many undeserved gifts every day – which go unnoticed way too often. Life is a gift. It is grace that we can see and feel and taste the beautiful. 

What a gift that we are able to give and receive love. That we can be close and true to other people. And I’m not only referring to the happy moments in life. Even in brokenness and desperation, I believe that God shows us glimpses of His grace.

My desire is to keep my eyes open to see those glimpses. I want my images and words to reflect Him and point to Him at the same time. I hope you might feel the love.

p.s.: A song that speaks my heart –  So will I.